To entertain our guests with an approach to service which is unlimited and better than that which is expected by giving particular importance to humanitarian values in our relationship with our employees and within our concept of management, and becoming an example for the sector in our country by exceeding the level of services offered by top facilities..


To be the most preferred touristic hotel within the sector, and distinct from our competitors in the world by providing services above and beyond expectations to our guests with the contributions of all of our staff.


Within the framework of our quality system, our quality policy is comprised of embracing continuous improvement and innovativeness within our management concept, serving our guests with the mentality of “doing better than the day before”, making our staff feel “special” with the working and living conditions we offer them, being beneficial to the whole of the tourism sector by ensuring an increase in the numbers of tourists returning to Turkey, being the leader in our region in all endeavours directed at protecting the environment with our sensitivity towards nature and natural life, and being an exemplary hotel operation within the Turkish tourism sector through the respect we show to the laws and the contribution we make to the economy of the country.


As Amara World Hotels we undertake to continuously improve our standards of production in order to provide our guests with safe foods which have been produced from quality raw materials and which conform to national and international legal conditions, and to ensure, together with the training and participation of our staff, that all activities which are directed towards providing food safety are fully performed at every stage from the raw materials to the final product.


In order to ensure that its guests enjoy a happy holiday during the period they spend here, and that they leave with fond memories;

“Amara World Hotels undertakes to deal with all types of complaints received from guests by adhering to the principle of confidentiality, and approach it in a transparent and objective manner without displaying any type of discrimination, within the framework of the agreements made with guests and in accordance with the valid laws, to examine every complaint within a reasonable period of time and inform the complainants and relevant parties of the conclusions, to not demand or request an fee concerning its endeavours in connection with the assessment of these complaints, and to provide the resources necessary to continually improve the customer satisfaction system which it is implementing.”


In order to ensure workplace health and safety at Amara World Hotels and improve the existing health and safety conditions;

to abide by the regulations on health and safety which are valid within our country, to train our staff with the aim of instilling an awareness concerning workplace health and safety, to ensure the health and safety of the work environment and of staff, to carry out an evaluation of workplace health and safety risks with the aim of sustainability and improvement, determine faults and defects in this area, and take the measures which are necessary to prevent and correct them, and to share our sensitivities concerning workplace health and safety with all of our staff and surroundings.


By embracing the laws and directives specified within the regulations of the Republic of Turkey; our social responsibilities which are implemented at Amara World Hotels, where a sustainable future for tourism and economic development are respected and appreciated, where all staff have equal rights without any discrimination, and where there is a freedom to express oneself, are as follows:

Contributing to the economy of the country through our purchases of products and services by preferring to work with local companies;

Sponsoring the social activities within or region and providing our guests with information about the activities (places of entertainment, restaurants, historical locations, shopping centres, etc.) within our region;
Ensuring that the required events are able to be organised by providing financial and moral support to authorities and organisations;

Informing personnel who have been hired about our quality policy and providing them the description of the work they are to undertake in writing prior to them starting work, and signing a legal contract of employment;
Ensuring that all staff are provided with the rights determined by law;

Providing a comfortable and problem free working environment and orderly conditions (right to lodgings, free transport service, awards system, etc.) for all personnel;

Continuously obtaining the thoughts and recommendations of staff and evaluating these;

Providing training in order to improve the quality of services and make staff more aware;

Ensuring the permanence of local communication.