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Main Restaurant which has 3 different kinds of decoration areas, an original Irish Pub and several bars is at your service with a high performed hospitality.


Born in Venice in 1725 to actress Zanetta Farussi and a violist father, his real name was Giacomo Girolamo Casanova. His motto was to live life to the fullest. Casanova combined many different professions, such being a soldier, spy, diplomat, writer, a ture adventurer, gallant, and also was a man of charactre. He was a mere playboy who loved and was loved too. Giacomo was a brilliant student who could become a successful attorney without striking a blow. He composed operettas and released more than 20 books. According to rumors, his little brother was the illegitimate child of the King of England. Casanova was such a well-known figure and also successful businessman and gambler, that he was well received in the European Royal Households, and managed to found the first state lottery in France. Besides, he had made one of the challenging escape from prison ever. But Giacomo is known as a flirtatious and charismatic man, whose broke women’s hearts with his charm.
To show you the true nature Casanova is indeed, we prepared an unusual menu of various seafood and fish dishes.


Word pescatore means ‘fisherman’ in Italian. Due to its harmonic sound a lot of fish restaurants have the same name all over the world. In this classical restaurant on the hill by the Mediterranean Sea, fresh fish and seafood is served to you in the most delicious way.


The Ottoman Empire has ruled over a wide geographical area for centuries and has been a neighbour to different nations. Within this period of time, it has created a synthesis with the cultures of the societies and has ensured the richness of the Ottoman Palace Cuisine with flavors of the fertile lands. Ottoman Palace Cuisine has a wide range of flavors that has formed by blending Central Asian, Balkanic, Middle Eastern (Islamic world), part Mediterranean and European food cultures.


This expression stands for ‘nice to the taste’ in Italian, which means that Italy is the place you can find the most dainty dishes.


Zen is the name of a Buddhist school. This sect is famous for its emphasis on wisdom of life experience, and is realised particularly through Zen meditation that leads to awakaning. According to this religion ‘Zen philosophy can not be explained with words’. Art of Zen strikes with its simplicity and spontaneity. The aim of Zen philosofy is to accomplish the impossible. Just like the message Buddha wants to send us when holding a lotus flower in his hands. CHINESE CUISINE The Chinese have a unique way of cooking and serving food. The most popular are stir-frying and steaming. Food should be cooked at high heat in small pieces and very fast in a wok pan. Due to this special cooking method, vegetables preserve their nutritional content. Herbs and spices are main ingredients in Chinese dishes. Chinese cuisine is known to be one of the healthiest due to vegetables and soyaoil content. Moreover, bread is replaced with steamed rice.


TAVERNA Originally derived from taberna that means ‘cottage’ or ‘small shop’ in Latin. Many Greek restaurants open under the same name all over the world. Taverns and Greek cuisine are an integral parts of Greek culture. GREEK CUISINE Greek cuisine is similar to the Turkish one in many ways. As a Mediterranean country, fish meals are quite popular there. With the beginning of wine culture, various appetizers became a part of Greek culture; vegetables cooked in olive oil, traditional moussaka, pot roast and soups. Greens from Aegean region are a must in local salads.


Dolce Sogno means “Sweet Dreams” in Italian and it offers guests an exlusive service with its VIP lounge A’la Carte servings.


Cafe Bistro Fellini A’ la Carte Restaurant is at your service with its 24-hour open buffet servings.


Iskender and kebab varieties at your service.



Aqua Bistro & Fastfood


Burger Station is at your service with homemade burgers.


Pastries, ice cream and chocolate varieties are combined with delicious flavors.