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Ruh ve beden için en iyi terapi

With the special skin care applications, body care applications, cellulite massages and other various massages in our Spa center, you can eliminate the city stress and tiredness and you can have physical and spiritual renewal.

Face massage is a highly popular Western cosmetic treatment that is applied to slow down the aging process and to enable the skin to look younger and healthier. Facial massage is also used to ease stress, migraine head aches, premenstrual syndrome, and sinus congestion.

Facial massage could be a full massaging session, full body, part of the full body message, or a part of the facial treatment. Facial message can be applied by a professional massage therapist, an aesthetician, or a beauty specialist.

This message is a therapy type that is based on the principle to crate physio-logical impact in the deep places through the mechanical energy that is formed on the organism for the rehabilitation of a tired or diseased organ and to help it turn into its previous status.

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