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Antalya Museum is one of the best in Turkey with a rich collection of ancient Roman Statues and marble sarcophaguses.Ancient objects are displayed in different sections with chronological order.Especially Marble Statues of ancient Gods/Goddesses and the statues of Roman Emperors must see in Antalya Museum.
Most of the statues brought here from nearby ancient city, PERGE.Antalya Museum is only 10 minutes from city center and you can take a local tramway which runs every half an hour. There is a nice bookstore and a cafe in Antalya Museum.


First Museum in Antalya located in Old Town.The old Orthodox church restored and turned in to Museum and a research institute.Old Antalya pictures are displayed here.
You can also see the traditional Turkish House decorated again in local style.


First and only Roman monument in Antalya is a monumental gate dating 2C AD.Emperor Hadrian visited Antalya and the citizens of Antalya built this impressive marble gate and dedicated to the Emperor Hadrian.
Hadrianus Gate is located 10 minutes walk from Republic Square in Antalya is also known as TRIPLE GATE by locals.


Antalya is the city of beautiful waterfalls.There are 4 waterfalls in and around Antalya:


20 km from city center.Beautiful public park with pine trees and small lakes..


Lover Düden Waterfall is situated in the city center of Antalya.You don’t have to go and see other ones.
This best waterfall in Antalya also offers a great view of Mediterranean coast and Antalya Bay.


15 km from city center.Situated amongs the pine forest and also has a beautiful nature park.
You can see some of the artifical lakes with sea turtles and trout fish.


Located 5 km away from Manavgat Town but quite far from the city center of Antalya.(40 km) and is only 5 km away from Side.


Perge is the best preserved ancient Roman city around Antalya.Ancient Greco-Roman Theatre,Stadium,Roman Baths,Agora and other ruins impress much.Perge excavations has been held since 1946 by İstanbul University. Most visited and the most popular ancient city around Antalya. Perge ruins are only 20 km away from Antalya city center and situated in AKSU town.There is also a nice bookstore with books about this ancient city.

ASPENDOS:If you want to see a real Roman Theatre, Aspendos Theatre is the best preserved Roman Theatre in ancient world. Aspendos is located 40 km east of Antalya and is 40 minutes drive from the city. Opera and Ballet performances take place in summer months at nights in this theatre.You shold’t miss the great dance show of Turkish dance group FIRE OF ANATOLIA at nearby modern amphiteatre called


Side is a local pretty resort town. It is a natural peninsula about 50 km east of Antalya and is definitely one of the must see places around Antalya. Side was also an ancient city with a theatre,Side Museum Agora etc.You should definitely visit archaeology museum in Side and Apollo Temple.There is a direct bus to Side from Antalya.You can also join one of the boat trips in Side Harbour.


ancient cities are located west of Antalya coast (about 70-90 km) but only24 km from Tekirova and 38 km form Kemer. If you rent a car, you can follow west coast road following the signs. First you should visit PHASELIS then OLYMPOS ancient cities.Phaselis is 65 km and Olympos is about 75 km away from Antalya.

Excursions in and around Antalya

If you are staying in Antalya there are some must sees in the area. Recommended is that you take a few day trips to Perge, Aspendos, Termesoss, caves, Duden waterfalls, boat trip to the waterfalls, Koprulu Kanyon (Beş Konak) Phaselis, Cirali and or Olympos.

As for the sightseeings Antalya has the old city ( Kaleici), old ottoman fishing houses that are now restored into small boutique hotels. Visit the Antalya museum as well or spend some time in the old city center ( Kaleiçi ) to see the many old historical areas. You most certainly have to stroll around the old city area called the Kaleici. And then down to the marina area. Nice little tea houses etc.
Take an afternoon or morning exploring the Antalya museum. Get down to the Beach park area some nice restaurants. Have some beach time either on the Konyaalti side or Lara Side. Another museum of interest to visit is the Suna-İnan Kıraç Museum set in an old ottoman fishing house and located in the Kaleici. It holds artifacts from Anatolian culture and local life in the ancient Kaleici. Take the kids to the Aqua Park. Visit the Mini-city located on the Konyaatli beach front just down for the Hillside Su hotel and Aqua Park. Also across from the Migros shopping mall is the large amusement park calledLuna Park.

Less than 1 hour from Antalya;

* Beycik

/ Tahtali mountain The Tahtali Aerial Cableway uniquely combines two classic holiday destinations – the sea and the mountains. Mount Tahtali, at 2,365m above sea level, is situated in an attractive and rapidly growing tourist area and provides the region with a new dimension. To the south west of Antalya (about 70 km) you can find Beycik – an idyllic mountain village located on the Lycian coast. It has an altitude of 450 m to 1.000 m at the foothills of Olympos (2.400 m). Therefore, it is in the middle of the Olympos Nature Conservation Park with its pines and cedars and with a breathtaking view from the mountains on one of the most beautiful bays of Turkey.

* Caves:

The Antalya region has a number of interesting caves to visit. Altinbesik Dudeni has perhaps the most to offer. The site is a series of underground lakes with large stalagtites and stalagmites. But getting to the site requires a three-mile walk. Karatas-Semahoyuk Cave and Damlatas Cave, both in the town of Alanya also have large stalagtites and stalagmites. Beldibi Cave, about 15 miles from Antalya, is a seashore cave with some pre-historic artifacts. KarainCave, less than 20 miles from Antalya, is Turkey’s largest cave. It was the site of a pre-historic village and includes the Karain Museum.


All streams in the region find their way to the Mediterranean and flow down the slopes of the Taurus, sometimes above and sometimes underground until they reach their destination in the shape of spectacular waterfalls. There are more than 20 waterfalls in the region. The most beautiful of these are the Düden Falls (15 km north of Antalya), the Kursunlu Falls ( 18 km from Antalya, on the Antalya-Alanya highway) and the Manavgat Falls (3km north of Manavgat).


Approx. 25 km’s from Beldibi to Kemer towards the mountains … after a while you will pass a bridge and then a forest … after that park your car and start hiking … The passage that is within the forest of the montains has an excellent view. The river just right by the passage is very effective with its ice cold crystall clear water and spring water. There is also an exciting canyoning activity starting from further above the passage and lasts for about 3 hours. Only recommended with a pro guide and the right equipment to rappel down waterfalls. A tour costs about 40€.


A canyon and waterfall that can be reached 8 km from Beldibi towards the mountains. Different than Kuzdere because, from time to time you need to swim or climb up the rocks in order to pass the canyon.


Enjoy a breathtaking view of the Turkish Riviera from 2365m
After a drive through the Beydaglari National Park you will reach the cable car base station. From here, visitors will be taken up via the cable car on new modern cabins. The cabin interior is spacious with large panoramic windows that offer spectacular 360-degree views of the surrounding beautiful environment. The cable car has two cabins with capacity of 80 people.
For details information please contact your Travel Guide.