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Italian cuisine has a history which goes back to 4th century BC. This cuisine, which was developed within the blue-green face and sea-scented air of Mediterranean, is especially famous as the home of macaroni. It is the cuisine where olives and olive oil play a big part in, fishes and sea food have their own place and soft and fresh recipes belong. Spaghetti, Risotto, Carpacio, Lasagne, Ravioli, pizza… By all means, Italian cuisine is the representative of a culture where art meets kitchen.


Turkish cuisine, which has countless flavours and appeals to every kind of taste, is the inheritor of an endless history. The local cuisines, which belong to this food culture, like Aegean, Middle Anatolia, Black Sea cuisines, have different and delicious recipes. With its vegetable dishes, sea food, ayran, Turkish coffee, red and white meat dishes, pastry, desserts made by milk or sherbet, various oils and spices Turkish cuisine is one of the world’s richest cuisines.


The seas are home of the world’s largest variety of living creatures. Almost every person loves to eat fish and sea food recipes, which are irreplaceable sources of vitamin and mineral for human body. This cuisine that carries the coolness and clarity of blue waters, has earned its unique place among world cuisines with the treasures in its menu.